Da Vinci Science Center!

Tomorrow is our field trip to the Da Vinci Science Center!
Please make sure your child arrives on time to school. The bus will be leaving at 8:30 sharp! Please make sure your child has a bagged lunch with their name written on it that is disposable. If  your child is buying something from the gift shop please make sure the money is in a sealed envelope or zip lock bag with their name on it. We are excited!

Field Trip

We will be going on our field trip May 30th. Permission slips went home today so please make sure they are signed and returned as soon as possible! Thanks!


I sent home a letter with the students today about PARCC. Testing will be from May 8th to May 14th. In addition, the students have a quiz on Chapter 8 in Social Studies on Monday so please make sure they study over the weekend!

Week of 4/16

Here are the spelling words for this week: enter, banner, sugar, shower, motor, collar, labor, finger, mirror, beggar, favor, bother, fever, doctor, temper, actor, polar, sweater, traitor, whenever Challenge Words: calendar, error, popular, barrier and director

We will also be having a Social Studies test this Friday on Chapter 7!

Week of 4/9

Here are the spelling words for this week: idea, lion, usual, radio, liar, poem, India, piano, January, quiet, poet, science, diary, violin, period, February, cereal, video, meteor and rodeo
Challenge words: variety, gradual, geography, diagram and punctuate

Don't forget there is a science test tomorrow on the structures and functions of plants and animals!

Tomorrow is also Spirit Day! - Twin Day

Week of 3/19

Here are the spelling words for this week. Due to the snow day, we will be having our Social Studies test on Chapter 6 on Tuesday 3/27
         Lesson 23
1. poster
2. secret
3. whether
4. author
5. rocket
6. bushel
7. agree
8. bucket
9 ticket
10. declare
11. chicken
12. clothing
13. apron
14. whiskers
15. degree
16. gather
17. achieve
18. rather
19. bracket
20. machine

Challenge Words

Week of 3/5

We will be having a math test this Friday on Chapter 6. Yesterday your child received a Chapter 6 review packet to help them prepare for it. In addition, due to the snow we will NOT be having a LA  test or spelling test this week.